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One of our main goals at Alberta Equine ...On-Line is to promote horse-related businesses and services. The site has been a promotional vehicle for organizations, breeders and businesses since 1995!

There are several ways businesses can use this site for promotion, a few of which are:

Check the links to the sections above for more information and contact forms. Contact us now to find out about using Alberta Equine ...On-Line as a promotional vehicle for your business!

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If the sections from the links above don't answer your questions or if you are unable to use the forms supplied, contact us by e-mail or phone:

Banner Ads:

All banners are Run of Site (ROS), which means the banner ad will be called up on different pages of the site, rotating with others that have signed up for banner ad service.

All banners are 468w x 60h (measured in pixels). You can see an example of a banner ad at the top of the home page of Alberta Equine ...Online.

If you supply your own banner, file sizes must be kept to a minimum (recommended no larger than 25KB). If you don't already have a banner ad developed, banner ad creation starts at $70.

We believe our rates* are a good deal for a very focused site. Your banner runs at a cost of $30 dollars per month, $150 for 6 months or $250 for the entire year.

*Rates are in Canadian dollars. GST must be added where applicable. All banner ads are subject to approval and must be prepaid before we run them. If you decide you'd like to give it a try, contact us to order yours today!

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Product and Service Directory:

The Alberta Equine ...On-Line Product and Service Directory was established in 1996 to create a better way to organize links from our site to others. We have always received requests to link to other sites but soon realized that without some sort of monitoring process, disappearing Websites caused broken links - rendering our 'list of links' useless. :-|

The Product and Service Directory offers distinct advantages over a plain list of links. Categorized by business type, visitors are able to search quickly and easily for the businesses they are interested in. Don't see a category for your business? We are always looking to expand the Product and Service Directory - not only the number of businesses listed, but the variety of businesses as well. Just let us know where you think your business belongs!

Your business and contact information is displayed in a compact, concise listing, so your customers can see at a glance what you are about, and how to get in touch with you. Including a web site address in your listing invites your customers to find out more about you. We keep track of how many customers choose to link through to your site from ours, and from which area, should you choose to list in more than one category. This way you can see for yourself the sort of response you get by listing with us!

Currently included with a listing is a free two month ad under the Business Announcements section of the Classifieds. You can view and place these ads by clicking through from the menu on the left or the right of the home page of Alberta Equine ...On-Line or within the site map. This free ad is designed to bring more attention to your Product and Service Directory listing so people know where to find you again. You might also choose to simply place an ad here for your product or service.

Businesses with a Website are able to take even more advantage of our traffic! A link from the front page reads "Visit this Horse Business Pick of the Best! (see the Directory for more!)". This link sequentially selects a different business to highlight from the Directory and clicks through to that web site. A new business appears each time the screen is refreshed. This is also currently a free service included with your listing!

Alberta Equine ...On-Line enjoys a high standing with the search engines. For this reason, if you are linked from Alberta Equine ...On-Line, your Web site may come up sooner in the searches.

Don't have a website? Pondside Web Productions has been designing quality websites since 1995. A specialized knowledge of the horse industry and a passion for 'things equine' gives Pondside that special edge in developing sites for horse-related businesses!

Alternately, you can include a 'Business Profile' page with your listing, which highlights your business in more detail, allowing your potential customers to learn more about you right when they find your listing. As with a linked website, we keep track of how many visits your 'Business Profile' receives.

As noted above, Alberta Equine ...On-Line receives thousands of unique visits and hundreds of thousands of page requests per month. We frequently receive inquiries from people looking for horse-related businesses/services and refer them to our directory. If your business isn't listed, our many visitors won't find you!

If you're interested in having your business included in the Product and Service Directory, let us know! Contact us through our on-line Directory form to enjoy the benefits!

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Stallion Profiles:

Has Your Mare Found the Man of her Dreams?™

Every Christmas the mares are looking for the man of their dreams under the tree and every year you can just imagine their disappointment when they don't find what they're looking for! Next they gallop off to the nearest Internet café to search for that masculine, muscular, handsome boy they know someone will be campaigning on Alberta Equine ...On-Line!

Alberta Equine ...On-Line Stallion Profiles will do your boy proud with digitally enhanced body and head shots (supplied by owner), a pedigree chart and a paragraph or two to let those mares know just what makes your boy special!

One low annual price per stallion with substantial discounts for additional stallions from the same owner. Prepare for the upcoming breeding season.

Don't disappoint those mares again... :o) Take advantage of the tremendous traffic through the site Submit your stallion(s) so they can find them.

And remember... The Mares are Looking!™

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