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Submit an Event Listing

Five Good Reasons to List Your Events:

  1. Get your clinics, workshops, auctions and other events out to a broad audience
  2. Receive event promotion in the 'Equinely-Inclined' Podcast
  3. Make your event easy to find by adding it to our exclusive EquiMap
  4. Events can be posted over a year in advance - the earlier you post, the more promotion you get!
  5. Announce last minute postponements or venue changes

Non-Commercial Events:
Events being submitted by not-for-profit organizations, as well as businesses and independent clinicians listed in our Product and Service Directory will be posted free of charge. Please use the form below to submit your event.

Commercial Events:
Events being submitted by businesses, clinicians, etc. who are NOT in our Product and Service Directory will be posted with the purchase of a sponsored event listing. After submitting your event below, please proceed to PayPal to make your sponsored event listing payment.

Commercial Events are $16.00 plus GST, per event listing.

Pondside Digital Media Inc. reserves the right to reject any ad or event.

Sample Event Listing:

Date [- End Date], 2018

  • Hastings Lake Pleasure Horse Association (the sponsor)
    Spring Show (the event)
    • Hastings Lake Community Hall (the address)
      Hwy. 14 and 2km South on Range Rd. 204 (the location)
      • Fun for the whole family! [your details here] For more information, call [your name here] at [phone number] or [email address]. (the details)

Please fill out the following form.

Event Details:
Start Date: Must be in mm/dd/yyyy format.
End Date: Leave this blank if it's a one-day event.
Sponsor: (who is holding the event)
Event Name: (the name of the event)
Address: (this is for the address only, if there is one)
Location: (the city or town where the event is being held)
Details: (please include information for event contact person,
and driving directions if you choose)

Contact Details:
In case we need to get in touch with you regarding your event listing, please provide us with a contact name and email. The following information is intended for administration and will not appear in your event listing.

Please make sure the following is a valid e-mail address. It will be used to send 'Set Location' directions so your event location will appear on the Alberta Equine ...On-Line EquiMap. If you do not want your event to appear on the map, please say so in the comments area.

If you later decide that you want your location removed from the EquiMap, just contact us and we will promptly remove it.

Contact Name:
Comments: (these comments will not appear in the event listing)
Please copy the number into the box to the right.
Please copy this number into the box to the right